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Football Field Side Line Turf Protectors

Football Field Side Line Protective Tarps are Tough yet Light Weight and Easy to move.
Football field Side Line protectors offered by USSC are Light Weight yet DURABLE, FLEXIBLE, FOLDABLE & TOUGH.
Cleats will not damage the Plastic but water and drinks will drain.
Cleats cannot penetrate. But water, sports drinks will drain. Safe for and will protect all types of natural grass from wear.
Heavy Duty Football Field Sidle Line Tarp Protectors.
Easy to install and remove the turf protectors offered by USSC. The edges are folded and double-stitched for superior Durability.
Protect your Football Field Sideline Grass.
Air, Sun Light can penetrate so the Turf Protectors can be left down longer on the natural grass without hurting it.
Available in several standard sizes
We have several standard sizes in STOCK.
Also available in custom sizes.
We can Custom cut the turf protectors in any special Dimensions if needed.
Available in custom team colors and Logos.
We also provide side line turf protectors with CUSTOM IMPRINTS and COLORS namely High School, Collegiate or professional team LOGOS.
Imprint custom logos, colors and team names.
To discuss your requirements for CUSTOM LOGOS and MASCOTS, please call us toll free and our graphic design department.will be glad to help.
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