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Remover to erase unwanted paint lines logos from synthetic turf.

remove unwanted paint lines remover
Increasingly every year we have coaches, field supritentands calling us faced with the problem of unwanted painted lines from Synthetic Turf Fields. We have the solution.
Spray PAINT OFF on old baked in paint lines.
Unwanted paint lines can be water-based or oil-based, USSC's PAINT-OFF will remove most types of unwanted pant line and logos.
remover to take off unwanted paint lines logos
Apply PAINT-OFF on the unwanted paint lines and let it soak. Then scrub the paint-remover mixture so that remover lifts the paint off the plastic filament.
With gentle scrubbing the paint lines will start to dissolve.
PAINT-OFF is a water based. It can be used as supplied or can be thinned with equal parts of water. Safety glasses, hand gloves must we worn during application.
dissolve unwanted paint lines synthetic turf
Use a mechanical scrubber or a stiff bristle brush for agitation to help dissolve the unwanted painted lines so it can easily be removed from the turf.
Final rinse can be done with soap and water.
Very important to completely wash away paint residue from the turf surface. Rinse with water till all the paint and the  paint remover mixture is washed away.
bad paint lines removed from synthetic field turf
Example of bad unwanted paint lines of poor quality paint to be removed from a synthetic turf field.
USSCs Paint-off easily removed the bad paint lines and USSC painting with good paint. 
Results after using USSC PAINT-OFF to remove the unwanted paint lines. Top quality USSC yellow Paint Lines being sprayed.with an airless spray machine.
removable paint lines remover lacrosse field lines
Same field from the above pictures but with the unwanted paint removed and fresh lines of USSC removable paint STRIPE-X yellow applied as lacrosse field lines.
temporary paint remover synthetic turf fields
USSC paint manufactures temporary aerosol chalk, tough yet removable bulk paints, custom stencils and paint removers for Synthetic Turf athletic fields.
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