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Floor Finishes, Floor Wax, Wax Strippers, Janitorial Products.

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Direct from Manufacturer, full range of Floor Care Products variety of floor Finishes, Floor waxes, Floor Strippers, Cleaning, Custodial Products.
floor finishes
Floor Finishes from Super High Gloss, One Coat application to Extremely Durable, Easy to Polish and Buff. Easy to maintain, Easy to Re-coat or to remove.
floor waxes floor cleaners
Hundreds of satisfied customers in US & overseas. We are capable of shipping a few gallons to a ocean container anywhere in the world.
floor waxes finishes schools offices hospitals polish buff shine
Super Gloss, Durable Floor Waxes and Finishes. Use in Schools, Offices, Hospitals. Easy to apply, one coat application. Easy to polish, buff, and shine.
floor finish airport
USFT Floor Finish at Narita International Airport
floor finish
USFT floor finish
shines bright and
looks beautiful at
Narita Intl. Airport.
floor finish hospital
USFT floor finish at a Hospital in Atlanta GA.
floor cleaners finishes
Clean, Beautify and Protect with USFT cleaners and floor finishes.
durable floor finish wax
Floor Finishes
Hospital green Floor Finish wax
Floor wax on Hospital Floor
High Performance Floor Finishe wax
Floor wax on High School VC Tiles
Good Burnish Response High Gloss durable Floor Wax
High Gloss Durable Floor Finish wax
floor wax floor strippers
Several Floor Wax formulations and Floor wax Stripper Concentrates to choose from.
floor waxes floor strip
Easily and Safely Strip Floor Waxes using ecofriendly USFT Strippers.

We have the expertise and knowledge to recommend the correct Floor Finish, complimentary floor finish products. cleaners and other Janitorial Products.

Please call one of our chemists at our toll free number and they will be glad to assist 1-800-278-7473