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Thermo Plastic Traffic Paints

Application of USSCs Liquid Thermoplastic Paint - PLASTEC.
USSC's unique Liquid Thermoplastic Paint spray applied with Glass Beads. Apply two coats of paint at 30 mils wet thickness each for total of 90 mils thickness
Liquid Thermplastic is available in both Water and Solvent Base.
USSC's PLASTEC is available in both water & solvent base systems. unlike hot applied solid thermoplastic there is No need for special heated spray equipment.
Application of the First Coat of Liquid Thermoplastic Traffic Paint - PLASTEC.
Spray the First Coat of PLASTEC at 40 mils wet film thickness and saturate sprayed paint with glass beads immediately and let dry for 30 minutes.
Cold applied liquid thermoplastic traffic paint with Glass Beads.
No thinning of the paint is needed. Use conventional airless spray machines to apply. Highway grade glass beads are embedded for reflectivity and high build.
PLASTEC is easy to apply & dries quickly.
Automatic bead dispenser units can be used for larger projects. Two stripes of 10-12 inches wide can be done with use of correct spray tips of the spray machine.
Apply second coat of PLASTEC at 15 mils thick and saturate with Glass Beads.
After the first coat is dry apply the second coat at 40 mils wet thickness. Immediately saturate with glass beads. Total dry film thickness should be 90 mils.
2 coats of PLASTIC can be build upto 60 mils and dries quickly.
Two coats of PLASTEC paint along with glass beads will dry in an hour and be ready for traffic. Dry and cure rates will be longer in cooler temperatures.
PLASTEC is a good alternative to conventional solid thermoplastic paints.
This unique paint formulation with special resins, polymers and pigments is high in percent solids, low odor, to dry fast and to have high build paint thickness.
BRIGHT, WHITE, DURABLE, can be used for high traffic areas like Cross Walks.
PLASTEC is a very good alternative to solid hot applied Thermoplastic for small projects where the applicator does not have access to machine needed for hot thermo.
PLASTEC is non-toxic easy to apply, available in several colors, EXCELLENT in Brightness, DURABILITY, REFLECTIVITY,  BEAD RETENTION.
PLASTEC can be applied as a high performance coating for parking lot lines.
PLASTEC is a very versatile paint. Other than high build paint, it can be also be spray applied at regular thickness as a high performance road, street, parking lot paint.
No need for any high risk and high temperature kettles like regular soild thermoplastic paints.
Unlike hot applied thermoplastic paint which has a element of risk of burn injury. PLASTEC paint does not need any heat kettles, etc. It is very Safe & Easy to use.
PLASTEC WB is a water based Formulation.
Unlike conventional water based traffic line making paints PLASTEC WB contains proprietary fast dry, high solids acrylic resins and other special ingredients.
PLASTEC SB is a solvent based Formulation.
PLASTEC SB ( solvent base ) is specifically formulated to be used when a faster dry paint is needed and in low freezing temperature conditions.
PLASTEC is available in WHITE, YELLOW and BLUE colors.
PLASTEC dries fast even when applied at a high build thickness in one pass. Shows a traffic median spray applied at high mils is one pass with an airless spray machine.
Easily spray HIGH BUILD & HIGH TRAFFIC areas with PLASTEC.
Formulated by USSC chemists and produced at its main facility, PLASTEC exhibits excellent COLOR RETENTION, UV STABILITY and DURABILITY.
Application of Yellow Liguid Thermoplastic paint with Automatic Bead Dispensor.
Ease of application,
High Solids,
High Build, Fast Dry,
excellent DURABILITY.
PLASTEC dries quickly to yield a paint film like that of Solid Thermoplastic Paint.
Cold applied with conventional spray equipment, PLASTEC a viable alternative to the conventional hot applied solid Thermo Plastic Traffic Paints.
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