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Airport Runway Paint

Bright Durable Airport Runway Marking Paint.
Airport Runway Marking Paints manufactured by US SPECIALTY COATINGS are BRIGHT, REFLECTIVE and extremely DURABLE.
meets federal state county airport runway paint specifications.
USSC traffic and Airport line marking paints meet various State Department of Transportation DOT, City, County and Federal Specifications.

water based Airport Runway Paint meets federal specification.
Fast dry water based airport runway marking paint that meets Federal Specification TTP-1952E
Airport Paint Meets Federal Specification TTP-1952E
Fast dry solvent based airport runway marking paint meets Federal Specification TTP-115 F.

airport runway paint.
All our airport runway marking paints are environmentally SAFE
yet extremely TOUGH
High night time Visibility to help pilots in Landings Take offs Taxiing.
Top quality airport specification highly reflective index large diameter glass beads coupled with top quality USSC paints yields in High nighttime visibility.

airport runway paint for asphalt concrete.
Specially formulated airport runway marking paints that are
Extremely DURABLE and will adhere to asphalt and concrete.
airport runway paint clarity pilots during taxiing landing parking.
Brightness during day and Reflectivity at night helps provide clarity for Pilots when taxing and parking.

Helicopter pad marking paint.
Water based helicopter pad marking paints are easy to apply, easy to clean up. Safe, non toxic, environmentally friendly, non flammable and low in odor and low in VOCs.
High Solids dry fast durable reflective airport paints.
Formulated to be contain Top quality resins, non fading pigments, correct viscosity for proper spray application, High Solids, Fast Dry, and excellent DURABILITY

solvent water base epoxy poly urethane thermoplastic paints.
We can match any requirement or specification for any water based, oil base, epoxy, poly urethane, thermoplastic traffic line marking paint.
Durability airport runway Marking Paints.
All our airport runway marking paints are formulated to have excellent adhesion, long term durability, under heavy traffic.

Airport Paint in White Red Yellow Black custom colors.
USSC airport runway marking paints are available in several in-stock colors. We have the capability to match any custom color.
Custom colors stencils for airport runways.
We have the capability in house to cut custom stencils of any font, any design, any size, to meet specification  requirements.
STATES DOT APPROVED TRAFFIC MARKING PAINTS. Have more Questions ? or for more technical information or to PLACE AN ORDER, PLEASE CALL US TOLL FREE