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Battery operated athletic field paint electric striping machine

battery operated electric field paint striping machine    
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S90 Battery Operated Athletic Field Paint Striping Machine.
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battery operated electric athletic field line marking striping machine    
S90 is a cutting-edge, well designed, sophisticated, compact machine with lots of innovative features.
This Eco-Friendly, Battery operated Athletic Field Striping Machine is offered by USSC for under $ 1100.
It is specifically designed to work with USSC’s Eco-Friendly water-based athletic field marking paints AQUA-STRIPE.
AQUA-STRIPE # 10 is a specially formulated, super concentrated, high solids athletic field marking paint.           
AQUA-STRIPE #10 NO VOC is a very cost effective and eco-friendly, formulation with NO or " ZERO " VOCs, specially designed to work with the S90 battery operated machine.
AQUA STRIPE #10 can easily be thinned up to 6 times with water without it separating or settling and still produce a sharp, bright white durable athletic line. AQUA STRIPE paint contains no fillers or extenders and contains proprietary additives that make it pump easily through the S90 machine
S90 easily sprays sharp lines because the atomizing of the specially formulated USSC paints is done very efficiently. This exerts less stress on the S90 machines moving parts for trouble free and maintenance free operation.
AQUA STRIPE is designed to extend the operating life of this specially designed machine. The use of house paints, use of improperly formulated local hardware field marking paints and use of other casually formulated field marking paints will most definitely affect the spraying of the paint and over time will be detrimental to operation of the S90 machine and will damage it.
Please feel free to call us toll free @ 1-800-2-STRIPE or 1-800-278-7473 and one of customer service representatives will be glad to discuss the specifications of the S90 striping machine and our specially formulated AQUA-STRIPE athletic field paints, designed for the proper use with the S90 machine.

Feel free to inquire about our price breaks on the S90 machine and our paint combination orders.
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Another option ( under $ 600 ) for a Battery operated Field Marking Paint Machine is the Model # SF45.    
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