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USSC'S Golf Course Marking Paint is Bright, Durable and will NOT HURT or KILL THE GRASS.                  NUMEROUS COLORS and PAINT MACHINES to choose from. Mark Lateral or Water Hazards.
Golf Course Marking Paint RED   Golf Course Hazard Paints RED and YELLOW
Golf Course Paint RED   Water Hazard Yellow Golf Course Paint
Aerosol WHITE for Drop Zones.   Paint Wide Lines or Narrow Lines.
Drop Zone White Paint and Wand.   Lateral out of Bounds Line - Wide
LOGO STENCIL and PAINT for any occasion. Just send us a picture.   Club Name, Tournament Name, Sponsor for T box or Fairways.
US FLAG and USSC PAINT on Golf Course Faiirway.   Golf Course Stencils and Paints
Turf Green aerosol cans for QUICK Touch Ups and Markings.   Bulk Turf Green Dye, PAINT for Dormant Grass Putting Greens.
Aerosol Can Green Grass Paint for QUICK Touch Ups   Green Turf Dye for Greens and T-Boxes
Sugar Hill Dark Shade Turf Dye / Paint for Golf Course Greens.   Dark Shade Dye applied on GC Range instead of over seeding
Dark Shade Sugar-Hill Green Grass Paint / Turf Dye   Easily apply Green Turf Dye on Golf Course Range Greens instead of overseeding.
POND WORKS, safe dye for GC ponds. COLORS : BLACK & BLUE.   SAFE, Imparts a nice mirror look and controls algae growth.
SAFE water-based Pond Dye for Golf Courses   Pond Dye available in BLUE, GREEN, BLACK colors.
Re-Finish & make Anti-Slip OLD wooden stairs or bridge decks or concrete steps on Golf Courses.   Easily & Safely apply our DURABLE STAMPCRETE Anti-Slip Paint. Colors & Natural Clear.
Treat & Rejuvinate old weathered wood.   Easily apply USSC water-based, one component, yet a very DURABLE & ANTI-SLIP coating- STAMPCRETE
Sand, Anti-Slip agents are added in the paint. Just roll or brush.   DeFender dries within 1 hour to a very DURABLE, Anti-Slip finish.
STAMPCRETE TIMBER BROWN dries quickly and forms a very strong bond.   STAMPCRETE is a cost effective way to rejuvinate, beautify and protect old wooden weathered stairs on a golf course.
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Beautify & Protect Concrete GOLF COURSE cart-paths   Brush, Roll or Spray DeFender GRAY. Dries in 30 minutes.
Application of STAMPCRETE Gray on Concrete Golf Course Cart Path.   STAMCRETE GRAY dries quick and is very DURABLE for years of service.
Rejuvenate, Protect, Beautify Asphalt Golf Course Cart Paths.   DURASEAL BLACK is Safe, Flexible yet Durable for years of service.
STAMCRETE BLACK is easy to apply on damaged Asphalt Golf Course Cart Paths.   Dries quickly to a strong, non-slip coating for years of service.
BEFORE picture of bleached, weathered retaining wood wall.   AFTER - ALL HORIZONS wood stain to Beautify & Protect.
BEFORE picture of old weathered wood retaining wall.   Easy application of USSC wood stain.
STAIN penetrates deep in the wood for years of protection.   Top deck with ALL HORIZONS stain. Bottom deck no stain.
USSC stain penetrates, beautifies and rejuvinates the wood wall for years of service.   Top section is the treated wood retaining wall and the bottom one is not.
Drop Zone Stencil - HD plastic.   Just Lay it Flat & Spray the Paint.
Drop Zone Stencil made of High Density Plastic   Paint Sprayed through the Drop Zone Stencil
Easy to Apply. Sharp, clean, professional look.
  Make a Perfect circle and Perfect Letters of the Drop Zone Area.
Drop Zone Stencil for Golf Courses is easy to Use   Make your Drop Zones easy to spot and professional Looking.
Number Stencils for Spraying Golf Course Yardages on grass.
  Easily Spray Color Coded Yardages on Golf Course.
Number Stencils for marking Yardages on Golf Course Fairways   150 yardage painted on Golf Course Fairway
Green Yardage Markers gives the subtle look yet easily identifies Yardages to Green.   Normal Red 100 yards to Green is well identified, visualized for clear judgement of distance.
100 Yards painted in a suttle Green   100 yards to Green painted in High Visibility Red.
200 yards to the Green number stencil for Golf Course laid down flat & spray paint being applied.   High Visibility and Clear Identification of the distances, makes it easier for the Golfers
200 yardage Stencil for Golf Course   200 Yardage in High Visibility Blue Paint
PINE STRAW PAINT to rejuvenate old Pine-straw or mulch.   Paint for Concrete Curbs, Direct to Metal, Cart Paths, Parking Lot.
Pine Straw Paint                    Concrete, Metal Railing and Wall Paint

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