REMOVABLE Paints for Synthetic Field Turf, Artificial grass Athletic Fields.

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STRIPE-X Removable paint is available in both BULK 5-gallon buckets ( picture below ) and..                                ..STRIPE-X Aerosol cans Blue, White & Gray as seen applied with SS10 spray machine (below)
Removable Paint Applied using Bulk Spray Machine   Blue, White and Gray Removable Paints in Aerosol cans.
Application of STRIPE-X YELLOW using USSC Bulk Spray Machine.   STRIPE-X is safe & bonds well with Synthetic Field Turf.
Application of STRIPE-X removable paint on Synthetic Field Turf.   Spray Athletic Field Lines and Logos on Synthertic Field Turf  that can easily be removed at a later date.
STRIPE-X Aerosol Paint - colors.   STRIPE-X paint being removed.
Aerosol Removable Paint for Synthetic Field Turf being sprayed.   Removable Paint being dissolved and getting washed away.
Video clip of STRIPE-X AEROSOL PAINT being sprayed with Sharp Stripe - SS8 machine.
  Video clip of STRIPE-X PAINT being removed using STRIPE-X REMOVER and POWER BRUSH.
Spray the Water-based STRIPE-X remover on the lines and let it soak for about 4-5 minutes.   Do not let the remover dry. Scrub the lines with brush, adding rinse water when needed.
  Red and White Removable paints being dissolved
Scrubbing as the rinse water is sprayed, the STRIPE-X paint will start to DISSOLVE & FADE.   Spray more rinse water or pressure wash till all lines are completely erased.
Red and White Removable Paints being rinsed off with water   Removable Paints being completely washed off from Synthetic Field Turf.

Checkered End Zone painted with STRIPE-X Removable Paints. Easy to apply and remove.


STRIPE-X  can be removed the next day or after the Football Season as seen below.

White and Navy Blue Removable Paint sprayed on Football Field Endzone.   After Removal of STRIPE-X Paint in the Endzone.
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Easily paint Mascots or Logos.   Paint through the dots.
Ribbon Stencil Painted using STRIPE-X removable paints   Outine of Stencil being finished using Aerosol Cans of Removable Paint
Fill in with STRIPE-X paint.   Bulk / Aerosol Cans in any COLOR
White Removable Paint being filled in.   Removable Red Field Paint being applied to complete the stencil
Paint Lines, Logos, Letters, Mascots in any color combination that will adhere to Synthetic Turf.   Finished Logo or Athletic Lines that can be removed / erased the next day or after the season as needed.
Finishing Touches to a excellent Stencil that can easily be removed at a later date.   Finished Ribbon Stencil on Synthetic Field Turf.
Patriotic Ribbon looks good after 60 days on Synthetic Field Turf .   To remove, Spray STRIPE-X REMOVER and let soak for 5 mins.
Logo on Synthetic Turf Field after 60 days of service.   Application of the Remover for STRIPE-X Paint applied as a Logo on Synthetic Footbal Field Turf
For large areas like this, use USSC POWER BRUSH to agitate.   If needed a wide broom can also be used for manual agitation.
Agitation of Paint and Remover mixture using a POWER BRUSH.   Agitation of Paint before rinsing with water
Spray more Remover using a back-pack sprayer, if needed.   Finally rinse with with water for complete removal of Logo.
Application of STRIPE-X Remover on Synthetic Turf Field using a back-pack sprayer.   Complete removal of Logo from Synthetic Turf Football Field.
Remove old Lacrosse / Soccer Lines painted with USSC STRIPE-X removable paint.   Apply STRIPE-X REMOVER, bulk or aerosol to the Lines and let it soak before rinsing with water.
Easily Apply & Remove Soccer and Lacrosse Lines on Synthetic Field Turf.   Spray STRIPE-X remover. Available in bulk gallon bottles or Aerosol cans.
Agitate using a stiff bristle brush or USSC POWER scrubber.
  Lightly use a pressure washer to remove the unwanted  lines.
Let remover soak for a few minutes and then AGITATE using a handy bristle brush or a POWER SCRUBBER.   Rinse the remover and wash away the lines using a pressure washer.
Competitors bad yellow paint lines that are peeling & fading.
  USSC crew painting good Yellow Lines on synthetic field turf.
Bad yellow paint as Lacrosse line on synthetic field turf.   Bad Paint Line removed and Yellow Lacrosse Line painted with good USSC's STRIPE-X Yellow removable turf paint.
USSC paints are specifically formulated for field turf.   Several colors of Temporary or Permanent Synthetic Turf Paints.
USSC paints are specifically for synthetic field turf.   We have several colors to choose from in both Removable and Permanent paint for synthetic field turf.

STRIPE-X is available in AEROSOL CANS and in 5-gallon BULK BUCKETS. It is the same water-based paint packaged in both aerosol cans and 5 gallon buckets. The biggest advantage is that the SAME STRIPE-X REMOVER is used for both paints. STANDARD colors in aerosol cans are WHITE, RED, BLUE and YELLOW.  BULK - 5 gallon buckets of STRIPE-X, are available in unlimited custom colors. The BULK colors and the AEROSOL STRIPE-X colors match. So if a logo is done using the BULK STRIPE-X paint, in order to touch up a bad spot it is not necessary to fire up the GRACO spray machine, easily touch-up the spot with the STRIPE-X aerosol can paint.

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